Monday, May 9, 2011

Drunken Prawn

While on a business trip to Singapore in April 2010 I was treated to dinner at Jumbo Seafood...Panic set in when I realized I was a 16+ years vegetarian in a Seafood lovers paradise. I decided to adopt a "when in Rome" attitude and try everything that was ordered..To my surprise I kind of fell in love with the Drunken Prawns.Giant,bright red, eyes, legs, and antennas attached....And so it began,  a vegetarians slow decline into learning to eat and cook meat....There may have also been some indirect pressure from a Kate or two, who plied me on accident with their omnivore meals.

From Vegetarian, to Omnivore, to blogger..I am here to share my love of cooking,baking and general experimentation in my kitchen and in the kitchen's of others. I have been stepping out my food "comfort zone" for about a year now, join me, and have some fun!